Avoid 5 Most Common Mistakes To Sell Your Home Fast

Open the door, pack your belongings and head it towards your new house. It is not just a house but the new beginning of your life. However, to start a new game, you need to end the former one. Don’t take it wrong, we mean selling your old house.

When you need to sell your house fast, the first thing you do is to figure out the sources that can help you sell your house. You must have seen the billboards of property investors saying “we buy houses for cash”. Indeed, selling the house to investors is one of the fastest ways to sell the house.

Though you want to sell it fast, you should not make any mistake in the haste that would lead you to unfavorable circumstances. Here are some of the common mistakes people do at the time of selling the house that you must avoid.

Mistake #1. Do It Yourself

We don’t say that you cannot sell your house yourself but it is surely not an advisable option. For selling the house on your own, you need to have the expertise and the knowledge of the real estate market. Even if you don’t have the knowledge, you must be skilled enough to negotiate with the buyers to get the best price for the house.

Despite knowing all of the above facts, people don’t hire an agent for the extra cost that needs to be paid to them which is a wrong practice. It is noteworthy that an agent can help you grab a higher consideration than what you can get yourself.

Besides, you save your time and energy as the agent would filter all the prospective buyers for you hence you won’t need to meet the ‘not so interested’ buyers and waste your time behind them. Doing it yourself shall not only waste your time and energy but may also lead you to sell it at a low price.

Mistake #2. Sentimental Connection

Unquestionably, you are attached to your house. You must have cherished your beautiful memories and sky touching dreams here but it is not the time to think of that. Rather, it is the time, you need to become a business person and not the homeowner. Recall the day when you had first bought the house. Step into the shoes of a buyer and try to get what he/she is looking for.

When you detach yourself from your home, you can deal with it properly. A neutral approach helps you negotiate with your buyers in a better way. Also, when you opt for home staging, you can give your home an appearance with the third party perspective that leaves a better impression in buyers’ mind. Remember, the more you will think as a business person, the smoother will be your transaction.

Mistake #3. Pricing Errors

Probably the most common mistake of all time is the pricing error. In the hurry of selling the house early, we have often seen that either a lower or a higher price has been quoted. Not only that, after rising an unrealistic price, people are also found to drop the price giving room to the buyers to wait for the next dropping of the price.

You need to make sure that you quote the price only after ascertaining the market value of your house and studying the market trend properly. Once you have studied the market well, there are very few chances that you put your house for sale at a low or high price.

The next step to be executed should be to stick to the price and not to drop it or increase it. Bear in mind, the more realistic your price is, the faster you can sell your house. So, the approach should not be to get the maximum but to get the deserving amount for your house.

Mistake #4. No Need To House Staging

Whether you have a bad shaped house or well maintained one, repair and house staging is an unavoidable expenditure. People often quote lesser price and don’t opt for the house staging considering it to be a profitable transaction. However, that’s not true. There are various disadvantages of keeping the house in its ‘as is’ condition that you may not have noticed.

First of all, when you don’t opt for staging, there is a personal touch of owner that does not convince the buyer for imagining his home which is a hurdle to close the process. Secondly, when the damages are not fixed, the chances that buyers would buy it soon becomes minimal and you have to wait for the next prospective buyer. Lastly, when you renovate the house and fix the damages, you can quote a higher price for your house which is surely more than your cost of renovation.

Hence, don’t ever make the mistake of keeping the house in its ‘as is’ condition except for the reason that you are selling your home to the property investors.

Mistake #5. Hiding The Potential Issues

There is no point of hiding any potential or already existing significant problem from the buyer as they will get to know about the same sooner or later. If you think that you will be able to sell the house at a good price by hiding the problems, then such a misconception can lead you to legal troubles.

Also, if the problem is an evident one, the buyer will surely get to know about it at the time of inspecting your house. Hence, hiding the issues will nowhere help you but will put a wrong impression on the buyers.

  • Bonus Tips To Get The Sure Shot Deal

Avoiding the above mistakes will surely lead you to get a good house but we want to leave no stone unturned. So, here are some bonus tips that will help you crack the best deal for your house.

  • Declutter your house

  • Get insured properly

  • Sell when the market is bullish

  • Work with experienced professionals only

  • Bring flexibility to your approach

  • Don’t ignore maintenance problem

  • Consider selling to the property investors

  • Present your home through professionals

  • Take appealing clicks for your house


As you have gone through the above article, we are sure you will get the best price for your house and will surely sell it fast. Nonetheless, if you are in urgent need of cash or want to sell it in no time, you can opt for, one of the leading home investor in Houston.

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