These Documents Are Crucial While Selling Your House

After a reasonable length of time, you have finally decided to sell the house at a profitable rate. The most important part of selling a home is the paperwork that required to be done at the right time. You might even wonder, “I need to sell my house fast,” and you end up making silly mistakes while handling documents. For this, we have a quick list of important papers that you will need for this purpose. The below-mentioned checklist should be fulfilled by every single person while selling the house.

Identity proof of the owner

This is where the person that strives to sell the house should provide authentic identity proof. It can include photo ID and address, respectively. You can even use a bank statement for confirmation of your address whole for photo ID; you might want to use an official card such as a driver’s license.

Sometimes, you may not have one or two documents mentioned above concerning identity. This time, you might have to apply for getting a driver’s license. It might take a few days for you to get your final ID before you can sell the house. You can still apply in advance if you are sure enough to get the ID proof on time.


It is critical to disclose information you might know about the house you are selling. Disclosure documents correctly mean that you are letting the other person know everything about the house. It might be necessary for enhancing the transparency between the two business people. Disclosure document consists explicitly of the fees and risks and other factors regarding the house.

Contract and agreement papers

It is an official document where the buyer signifies that they will purchase the house from you. The agreement outlines everything regarding the approval of the purchase of the home legally. However, for some reason, if an issue comes forth between the two individuals, the buyer should have the ability to cancel the entire sale.

Similarly, the contract is equally vital that finalise the sale. It contains critical information about insurance and financial aspects. Since this is legally processed, you would need the help of a professional to get it done.

Third-party financing addendum

It is an essential aspect that is needed when the buyer approaches loaning assistance. Sometimes, the purchaser might require the approval of a lender before acquiring the house. The final approval documents are attached to the contract while the house is being sold.

Inclusion of this document can enhance the possibility of less disagreement between the seller and the buyer. It is a Win-Win solution that focuses on mutual agreement and cooperation.

Deed and closing statement

At this time, the document is required to transfer your ownership to the buyer, respectively. In this aspect, the inclusion of the house description is done, and both the seller and the buyer are mentioned in the paper.

Other than that, the closing statement is also an important aspect that needs to be included while selling the house. Showing the credits and debits of individuals on either side is essential for selling the house.

It showcases the closing details of every transaction that is to be made while selling the home. However, the closing statements can vary depending on the type of deal that is to be made. In this case, the closing statement should include both aspects such as mortgage loan and the purchase.


You can Contact US to sell your house for cash quickly with the documents mentioned above. The first papers that you will need include identity proof, disclosure, deed, closing statement contract and agreement aspect, and Third-party financing addendum.