How To Minimize The House Damage After A Flood

No matter to the heights of technological advancement, we can never win against Mother Nature. We can only anticipate the calamities, and take precautionary steps against it. This still cannot afford us 100% safety against natural disasters.

Whether it is hurricane or earthquake, we need to be prepared. And in the unlikely event of a catastrophic disaster, we need to be able to deal with such hardships patiently and be calm and think rationally.

One of such unavoidable natural calamity that is adversely affecting society is flooding. Global warming and climate changes are some of the reasons for the increasing occurrence of the flood. In our little rea it may be more attributed to lack of zoning and lack of building restrictions. At times, it becomes impossible to deal with the social, economic and environmental consequences of the disaster. However, we need to face it in the best possible way.

Often the post-flood scenario is very traumatic. The only question roaming around people’s minds is, “how can I sell my flooded house?” No one can stay in a badly damaged house and would wish to sell it at the earliest. Nonetheless, before taking that very measure, you need to take some few other precautionary steps immediately after the flood to minimize the damage to the house.

Safeguard Yourself First

What is more devastating than leaving your own house! But when nature demands it, you have no other option but to do what is necessary. You can take care of your family, children and your home only when you are safe.

But the stage when you need to take extreme care comes once you return home after a flood. It had been closed these days and was probably full of water. Hence, you should enter your home wearing protective clothing. Make sure you have disconnected all the electricity and gas connection once you enter your home.

Clean your home leaving no water on the floor. Do not eat anything from your house, irrespective of the fact that it was in an intact condition. There are highest chances for the food getting contaminated by the water. If the flood was highly intense, then there are all chances the water would have entered your refrigerator. You will have to make sure that you clean all the glasses, dinnerware and such other utensils with a disinfection gel before using it.

Stop Water Entering Your House

The next thing you need to do is to stop all the ways from where water is entering. Removing the water will be useless if the sources of flooded water to enter haven’t blocked. Check your plumbing connections properly as due to heavy water flow, at times the pipes are broken. Block all the possible source of water if possible. Repair all the water and drainage connections to the garage, crawl space or main floor at the earliest.

Once the lines are clear, start removing the water with whatever means you find comfortable. Bail the water out using bucket, bins or anything you find suitable. To remove a large amount of water from the basement, you can use hoses to drain for a faster removal. Now, use the wet vacuum to suck the remaining water or mop it up and clean your floors with liquid floor cleaner.

Dry Out Your Home

Removal of water is not an end to your process. When the city has faced a heavy flood, the after-effects are prolonged. The moisture and humidity is something you will have to bear after the flood. You will find highly intense humidity in the house that needs to be removed to block the household damages. Using the dehumidifiers is a great resort for the removal of moisture from your house. Although the atmosphere won’t change much before you have a sunny day, the dehumidifiers will surely help you keep out the humidity.

Apart from the above essential points, call up your insurance company to claim the damage without fail. Also, clean up the house entirely, repair the broken windows and affected areas as soon as possible.

Cutting the long story short, we can say, the solution to the state of panic is not to panic. Don’t forget, the ultimate formula to bring you out of the crisis is patience, actions, care, and concern. Have it and deal with the biggest hurdle of life smoothly.