Should I Sell My Flooded House Or Not?

Natural calamities don’t strike with a warning and when it attacks, it leaves you in a terrible position. A recent tropical storm Harvey has ruined more than 100,000 homes in Houston alone and people were devastated due to water in their homes. Thanks to all the rescue teams who came in and saved the lives of many people.

There are homeowners who are still waiting to return to their homes, and there are others that have not made the decision yet on what they intend to do. Homes were completely destroyed and they require thousands dollars of repairs to restore so that one can live in safe and comfortable environment. The million dollar question that Houstonians are facing now: should I sell my flooded house or should I repair and restore it? The answer may depend on many parameters, but one thing is clear: if your home is damaged beyond repair, it is a high time that you make a rational decision of selling it.

Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself when you have a flooded home in Houston:

What is the reason I want to sell my flooded house?

Sometimes, the reason is economic or emotional.

However, all reasons should be taken into account. Mental trauma is a very serious condition that you may be experiencing right now. You may not want to go back to the home as you can’t imagine staying in that home due to horrific memories.

Remember, you lived in your home for many years before the flood disaster struck, so it may be quite difficult to cut the ties suddenly. It also means relocating to a new neighborhood, leaving behind your friends and neighbors and relocating your kids to a new school or college. Also, your emotional reason is indirectly connected to your economic condition. Do you have enough funds to buy a new home in a new area? Think rationally and come up with a solution.

The value of your property after a flood:

The scenario is totally changed after the Harvey storm. It is important to understand that your home’s resell value has drastically dropped post-Harvey. If you want to sell your home urgently to get the maximum amount for the home, you need to understand and consider all things. It is very difficult to ascertain the valaue of a home that has been a victim of flooding. It may take years for the home price to go back to its pre Hurricane Harvey values.

Do you have flood insurance?

If yes, it is a right time to start a claim process. There are thousands of claims are in a line and for an insurer, it will take weeks to come to your home and inspect the damage and few more weeks to give you the estimate. However, if you have made up your mind to sell your flooded house, choose homebuyers who really understand the claims process.

Whom to approach to sell my flooded house?

It is not wise to hire a real estate agent as the whole process of finding prospective buyers might take time. Instead come visit us at Greater Houston Houses LLC and we will give you a no obligation free and fair reasonable offer on your flooded house.


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