Selling to an investor can be intimidating. In doing our research, we read of countless disastrous results for unaware sellers. So we tried to be very thorough to ensure we would not be the victims of a scam. We selected four different investors with several years in business and who had excellent ratings and customer reviews. Greater Houston Houses had the longest time in business, which was a good indicator they were a stable company. We recently retired and were planning to relocate out of Houston. We did not want to be entangled in a long drawn out process to sell our home. It needed a lot of repair and upgrades and we knew we wouldn’t make our money back if we did the improvements and then sold the house immediately afterward. From the beginning Vaughn met all our expectations. He explained all our options, even if he would not benefit from our decision. None of the other investors offered such honest advice. He was very open about himself, personally, and genuinely wanted the outcome to be a win win for both sides. We shared the same values and in the end no one else compared to his professionalism and knowledge. We are so glad we chose Greater Houston Houses. We believe the price he offered was fair and everything happened just the way he said it would. We signed the contract and closed in just 6 days!

– Susan J
– Houston Tx

– Dan N
– Houston Tx

I would like to commend Vaugh and the Greater Houston Houses team for a job well done on my real-estate transaction. My situation was a complicated one and Vaughn not only offered me multiple solutions he also executed what I decided on in the time frame that I needed it to be completed. I can’t thank them enough for the courteous, quick and professional service I received. I don’t know what I would have done if Greater Houston Houses had not stepped in. I’m forever grateful.
– Shabay W.
– Houston Tx

I would recommend Vaughn and Greater Houston Houses to anyone selling a Houston-area property. I recently sold a home as part of the estate probate process. The negotiation process was quick and Vaughn was knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Greater Houston Houses made a fair, no pressure offer. Communication was timely and Vaughn was transparent and honest. Thanks for your help.
– Michelle G.
– Houston, Tx

– Robert S.
– Houston Tx

– Susan J
– Houston Tx

– Leticia & Edgar F.
– Houston Tx

– Karyn J
– Tomball Tx

Our home was in need of repair and updates. We were unsure whether to repair and update or to sell to an investor. That’s how we met Vaughn at Greater Houston Houses. He came by and explained our options in detail and provided an offer on our home. We never felt any pressure to sell nor where there any ‘one time offers’ made. Vaughn encouraged us to get other offers prior to making a decision. We decided to sell to Greater Houston Houses LLC. and everything went to closing just as we discussed the first night we met Vaughn. There are alot of fly by night businesses out there but GHH is not one of them. The professionalism, integrity, and the willingness to want to help others is why we recommend Greater Houston Houses LLC to everyone looking to sell their house.
– Christi N.
– Houston Tx

I needed to downsize and relocate for pressing personal needs. I also had a reverse mortgage that was complicating matters, and I was looking for a specific amount which would allow me to comfortably move forward. I had spoken with several potential buyers and was becoming disenchanted with the sameness of their offers. Vaughn was different from the beginning. He had civility which I greatly admire. He was able to acknowledge and appreciate features of my home which enhanced its overall value. I had a need to move quickly, but he did not take advantage by pressuring me. Vaughn made an offer and gave a timeline of the closing. He was a man of his word. I am satisfied with the transaction. His reviews on BBB are genuine. I can speak from my own interactions with him. I found him to be authentic, straightforward, and honest. What a pleasantly rare combination!
– Vivian W. Houston, Tx

Very straightforward and easy to deal with. I would recommend.
– Hawkins, Houston Tx

My wife and I met with Greater Houston Houses (GHH) in March 2019. GHH was very professional. There was no hard sell. They explained the process and answered all of our questions. If you are considering selling your house in an “AS IS” condition, I recommend that you talk with GHH.
– Brad N. Houston Tx

Vaughn with Greater Houston Houses was very helpful, transparent in his dealings and showed impeccable character throughout the entire home buying process. I found him to be very fair! They made the process as easy as possible.Thank you Greater Houston Houses!
– Felicia H. Spring Tx

My real estate situation was quite complex, to say the very least. Without going into very personal details, I can say that Vaughn entered the picture at a moment when I wasn’t sure what to do. He provided an offer for the property on the spot, but further offered to put me in contact with a few other real estate investors, who may have been able to exceed his offer. Vaughn was the only one who could execute the sale in the limited window of time available and did so with great efficiency. Vaughn provided seasoned and sound counsel in regards to a complication that arose. I was immediately aware that he was the best person to work with, due to his long experience and comprehensive knowledge. For going above and beyond what was customary, I will be forever grateful. I’ve dealt with realtors on a number of previous occasions, as both buyer and seller, and under various circumstances. I’ve never encountered a more principled and caring professional. In addition to being a consummate professional throughout, he exhibited courtesy and empathy. He was available via phone, text and/or email throughout the entire process. But, the most admirable quality I observed about Vaughn’s character, is that from the beginning, it was clear to me that his moral compass points true north. If you’re unfamiliar with this phrase… put bluntly, in a world where many are simply seeking success at any cost, without considering how others may be affected, Vaughn proved himself an honest gentleman… a man of his word. I would and will recommend Vaughn and Greater Houston Houses, and more importantly will consider him a friend. I wish Vaughn and his lovely wife many blessings and all the best in this life!!
– Cynthia F. Houston, Tx

Shout out to Mr. Vaughn for his help in buying our house. I was looking to sell “as is” and had many calls from other individuals and businesses interested in my house. Vaughn was not the first to approach my husband and me, but he was the only one I felt I could trust to be upfront and honest. At our first encounter, I was hesitant to enter into a sale with anyone. He was patient and even though I needed more time he explained the whole process and asked me to keep him in mind when I was ready. About 10 months later, I called him and said: “I was ready”. He set up an appointment, came back over and we worked out a deal that I was happy with. He was totally transparent and honest in every phase of the transaction. His word is as good as gold. He allowed us extra time, in the house, in order to move 30 years worth of contents. I was so nervous that something would fall through but it was smooth as silk. I’m not confident that it would have been uneventful with another company, but Greater Houston Houses made the whole transaction relatively painless. I respect Mr. Vaughn for his honesty, both personally and professionally.
– Penny M. Houston Tx

My wife and I almost lost our house to foreclosure. We had no idea what to do and where to turn. We took a leap of faith in contacting Greater Houston Houston Houses LLC after receiving a heartfelt letter from them assuring us we still had options. It was the right choice. With only 10 days remaining before certain foreclosure, Vaughn saved our home from auction. My wife and I feel truly blessed to have met Vaughn and his wife. They exhibit honesty, understanding, integrity. From the first conversation, I felt they really cared about our dire situation and sought to help us. We owe them a debt of gratitude and would strongly recommend this experience to anyone in a similar situation.
– Carlos & Erin L.
– Spring Tx

Please accept our gratitude and appreciation for the smooth transition when selling our house. The negotiations were quick, the closing date timely, and the agreed selling price was generous. We enjoyed working with you on this sale and appreciated the integrity and sensitivity shown throughout the process.
– Alice & Scott MP.
– Katy Tx

I’ve never experienced selling a home before. Vaughn was very kind as to explain the buying and selling process with me and answered all of my questions and reassured me that if I was concerned in any way I could call and he’d help. This probably would have been a very stressful process for me but Vaughn made me feel comfortable and at ease with every step.
-Ms. Deidre B.
-Houston Tx

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of your help with the sale of the house, you’ve lifted a very heavy weight from my family. Thank you again. Be blessed.
-Brenda Y.
-Missouri City, Tx

This is a great company. Mr. Vaughn was very compassionate and professional throughout the whole process. He got us a great price for the home and remained flexible with us during the entire ordeal. We were looking for an easy and smooth transaction and Mr. Vaughn did not disappoint. From the consultation to the closing he put us at ease. I would recommend Mr. Vaughn and this company to anyone wanting to sell their home.
This company really does a great job. They give you a fair price for your home. They are quick to close and very flexible. I would recommend this company to anyone because of the compassion and professionalism that was shown throughout the process.

-Craig R.
-Houston, Tx

Thank you Greater Houston Houses, LLC for assisting my family in our time of need. You have shown much compassion to our family and we are forever grateful. You were God sent! And, yes we also agree with that bible verse “ For with God nothing is impossible”. Thank you GHH!

-LaTonya W.
-Houston, Tx

Vaughn with Greater Houston Houses LLC

  • Displayed honesty and integrity.
  • He used a good proper legal purchase contract and put down a sizeable ernest money – downpayment.
  • Gave me a good/reasonable price and worked with my timeframe.
  • His crews also assisted with the moving of furniture and the clearing / cleaning of the house.
  • Speed of transaction. Vaughn did what he said he was going to do.
  • There were some title issues that needed to be cleared up and taken care of. Vaughn was very patient throughout the process and worked within my time frame. He never pressured us and the closing transaction was a smooth one.
  • I’m in Kansas – Vaughn was able to coordinate a mobile notary for me so that I did not have to return to Houston for the closing.
  • I highly recommend Vaughn and Greater Houston Houses LLC if you are wanting to sell your home for cash. Smooth transparent honest transaction.

-Glenn S.
-Houston, Tx