How To Sell A House That Is In Bad Condition

Worried about how to sell a house that is in poor condition? Well, that is a trial faced by many. It is not easy to drive someone to purchase a house with a leaky roof, cracked walls and a poor foundation.

If your house is in poor condition, it could fall under the following categories:

  1. Looks good, but needs upgrades– Houses with ignored maintenance or general repair come under this category. Such properties usually have an old-fashioned kitchen, messy interior, damaged floors, outdated bathrooms, cracking paint, worn-out exterior and non-operational light fittings.
  1. Noticeable repairs required – Residential with further severe difficulties like electrical/ plumbing/ foundation issues, damaged roof, defective HVAC, damaged flooring, and non-functioning faucets.
  1. Absolutely uninhabitable – Properties with numerous issues that make it uninhabitable comprising serious roof damage, termite invasion, severe foundation, asbestos or lead issues and complete chimney damage.

Pondering how to sell your house in such poor condition? Here is what you can do:

Sell as-is to a real estate investor

Seen sign boards that go ‘We’ll purchase your house for cash’ or ‘We purchase ugly homes for sale in any condition’. Many savvy investors in the market are always waiting to quickly buy damaged properties for cash. The BBB rates Greater Houston House as the #1 cash buyer in Houston.

If you are facing monetary, time or motivation issues to fix up your house, consider selling your house ‘AS-IS’ to us. All you need to do is give a complete disclosure about any known difficulties. We will then take up the responsibility for the required repairs. Since there is no involvement of any real estate agent, you don’t have to pay any commissions.

Unlike traditional real estate dealings, selling your house for cash is very fast, no need to wait for the buyer’s loan approval. Since there is no real estate agent, home supervisor or appraiser involved. We will handle all the paperwork.

Usually, an investor will make a cash offer within 24 hours after meeting you. If you accept it, you will receive the full payment within a few days. This payment will not have any deductions for closing costs or hidden fees.

Here is how the process go:

  1. Reach us via call, email or meet us directly
  2. We will present a fair no-obligation cash offer
  3. Accept the offer and sign the contract. Set a closing date
  4. On the closing day, get your cash in hand

Selling a house that needs repairs can be a very slow and annoying process. If you want to make a great profit, consider selling your Houston home to a cash buyer like Greater Houston House and grab the best opportunity. 

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