Most Affordable Neighborhood in Houston

The average price for a home in Houston has grown by approximately $94,000 over the previous decade. The studies show- in 2004, the usual price for a Houston home was $175,800. Currently, that price has grown more than 50% to $269,440. Lately, home prices have risen steeply in Houston, clutching out first-time homebuyers and giving nightmares of a possible housing bubble. Nevertheless, affordable homes still can be found in Houston, if you know where to look for them.

Here are a few neighborhoods we buy homes from:

1.     Spring:

Going through a divorce, selling a hereditary property, or dealing with validation and want to sell your home quickly in Spring? Whatever the reason, studies show that the great time to sell your home in Spring, TX is the month of January. The regular home sale in Spring takes about three months from to close, suppose if you aim to list your Spring home in October you may possibly sell your home 17 days faster than if you listed in any other month

2.     Woodlands:

Now is the time to get rid of all your fears and difficulties. We are here in Woodlands to deliver the fastest and greatest outcomes. Sell your house to us for cash just in three days. No extra costs, no middlemen, no real estate contracts. Our team of professionals will handle the documentation. We know your worries and will give you the fastest possible closing

3.     Katy:

Don’t want to live in that ugly house anymore? No matter how ugly your house is, we will buy it. Say ‘goodbye’ to all your worries!

We at Greater Houston Houses LLC, buy houses in ‘as-is’ state without demanding repairs, extra costs or middleman fees. Since we buy houses for cash in Katy, it will free you from bank authorizations, inspections, evaluation and analyses

4.     Cypress:

Say no to the traditional ways of selling your house in Cypress. Think outside the box! We don’t follow outdated procedures. Our process is simple and direct. Just accept the great cash offer and consider your house sold in just three days

5.     Tomball:

The best substitute for hiring an agent is to sell your Tomball house directly to us: it won’t cost you any extra efforts! You can expect ZERO marketing expenses, agent fees, commissions or needs to repair

6.     Bellaire:

All you need to do to sell your house fast in Bellaire is just call us.

Well, the process is quite simple. We will meet you at your home and give you a ‘no obligation’ offer for cash. Once you agree with it, we will deliver you cash consideration in just three days

7.     Missouri City:

The traditional method of selling houses in Missouri city through a real estate agent is undeniably tiresome and sluggish. Particularly when you want to sell your house fast. That’s why we are here for you! We will buy your house fast for cash. No matter how unpleasant it is, we will buy it without asking for any repairs

8.     Sugarland:

Believe it or not, selling your house faster in Sugarland is no more a tough task. Just give us a call and get a painless and simple solution instantly.

9.     Stafford:

Why should you pay an extra cost to sell your Stafford house if it can be sold without spending a penny? Yes, we buy houses without asking a single penny. Moreover, our process is quick, swift and easy consisting of just three simple steps-

a.  Give us a call and we will visit your house

b.  Get  a “no obligation” fair and sensible price for your house

c.   Once you agree with the amount offered, consider your house sold

Thinking about selling your Houston house or areas near to it? This swiftly flourishing metro in Texas is a home for 500 companies, outstanding barbecue, renowned pro sports teams, tons of family-friendly activities, and a strong entry-level housing market.

If you’re planning to sell your Houston property, say NO to the old-school ways of home selling. Think outside the box!
No repairs needed, no extra hidden costs, no middleman fees and no difficult procedure.

We at Greater Houston House are waiting to give you the best offer and buy your home ‘as is’ for cash.
Just a simple process- give us a call. We will then visit to offer a fair and sensible price for your house.

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