Pro’s and Con’s Of Deciding To Sell Your Own Home In Houston
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Have you ever thought of the profits and drawbacks you will face when you opt to sell your Houston home on your own? –. Hiring a real estate agent can cause higher expenditures for both the buyer and the seller. You may also feel as if you are being hurried through the buying or selling process so that the agent can receive his commission and go ahead. It’s easy to notice the positives of working with a cash buyer, at the same time ensure that you are aware of the possible downsides.

Here are some possible benefits and drawbacks when you sell a home in Houston by yourself:

1.     Allows for direct communication:

A major benefit is the direct communication that happens between both parties. As the conversation does not have any middlemen, you interact straight with the buyer and be assured  that nothing is lost in the interpretation.

This feature can make things move flat and quick, making it easier to sell your house fast in Houston, compared to communicating through a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent.

The disadvantage of this method says that most of the buyers will appoint an agent on their behalf. You will be depending solely on your own skills to work with a proficient person. In such a case, you might end up agreeing for less money and probably lead yourself into legal issues or other related difficulties by not having the deal inspected by a qualified legal representative

2.     Results in lower sales prices:

Properties that are traded directly by their holder generally sell for lesser prices than those sold by real estate assistance. This may be favorable for the buyer, but it is a negative feature for the seller. Even though the seller does not have to pay the agent’s commission when performing individually, they still earn less from the sale compared to the one that an agency would have got for them

3.     It is time consuming:

One of the major drawbacks is the time consumption to handle the procedure all by yourself. As the buyer, you have to explore attractive homes, interact with the seller and fix inspection time. All of this can be time-consuming since these tasks are usually executed by an agent. As the seller, you have to market and promote your home, find channels to list it and ensure your message reaches the prospective buyers


We understand that not everybody wishes to sell their Houston house using general approaches and registering through an agent.

Sell your house to cash buyers in Houston and dodge every drawback there is when dealing with an agent.

At Greater Houston House LLC, we are happy to deliver services for people who want to escape the annoyance and charges of a conventional sale!

Tried selling your property by yourself and didn’t have any luck?

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