How bad was the Houston storm?

A series of storms with winds reaching up to 100 mph and a tornado caused extensive damage across Houston on Thursday 16th May.

Where did the tornado hit in Houston?

The tornado affected intersection of Tuckerton and Greenhouse Roads, then moved southeastward.

Houston Storm Damage Intensity

The storm damaged several skyscrapers, caused a sewage spill, and triggered power outages that could last for weeks during heated temprature.

Houston Storm Damage : Avoiding Contractor Scams

BBB has warned public to be careful while hiring contractors for repair works and always check their BBB report

Stay Alert and Be Cautious

Avoid high-pressure sales tactics. Be cautious of door-to-door solicitors. Demand a written contract agreement with anyone you hire.

Tips for Repair of Houston Storm Damage

1. Take time to understand how bad is the damage 2. Decide what you can do yourself. 3. Wait and check people before hiring for any repair work

Houston storm Damage : Setting debris for Pick up

Place all storm debris for collection at the curbside. And maintain distance to facilitate collection. Check out the below link for full details.