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    12 Secrets Real Estate Agents Won’t Reveal To You

    12 Secrets Real Estate Agents Won't Reveal To You

    When thinking about selling a house fast in Houston, finding a good real estate agent should be a primary concern. With the help of a trustworthy agent, you can confidently complete the greatest financial deal of your life. But it’s essential to complete your research in advance of hiring an agent for selling your house.

    When it comes to selling/ buying a house, there are several things your real estate agent won’t tell you because doing so will cost them money or cause them to lose the transaction. We believe it is important for you to have these facts so you can make a wise decision on how to sell your house fast in Houston.

    In this blog, we’ll coach you through the facts that you need to know while selling/buying a house through a real estate agent. Let’s get started:

    12 Facts You Ought To Know

    You often hire real estate agents to sell/ buy a property but there are certain things you ought to know that these property agents might not tell you:

    1. An Open House Helps An Agent More Than A Seller

          Setting aside a few hours for an open house may seem like a simple way to help fast sell your house in Houston, but in reality, real estate agents utilize open houses as a way to find new clients. They can talk to people and hand out a few business cards to people who are probably just window-shopping for a new house.

    1. Always Interview The Real Estate Agent

    People often employ real estate agents they have known or their friends have hired, but it’s crucial to interview them first. Some real estate agents only do it part-time, therefore they may not be as knowledgeable about how to sell your house fast in Houston. Ask about their links with estate agents and house inspectors, however, you may want to do your own investigation.

    1. Agent’s Commission Is Negotiable

    While an agent may say most clients pay a specific amount, this is negotiable. Internet buyers have made real estate agent work easier. Consider this before negotiating.  Also, consider your house’s value. Selling a $900,000 house or a $7 million house has a similar effort, but the agent’s compensation is different. At Greater Houston Houses, we do not charge any commission and we buy houses for cash in Houston.

    1. Agent Uses Client’s Marketing Campaigns

    Have you ever seen a property ad that didn’t feature the real estate firm’s logo? Costly print ads that include your agent’s logo prominently are financed by you. Without any doubt, real estate agents profit significantly from the marketing initiatives of their clients.

    1. Attorney Is Very Important

    Having your attorney present at the closing adds an extra safeguard. If you have a competent attorney representing you, the closing process will go smoothly, and you will face minimal risk while buying or selling a house fast in Houston.

    1. You Can Go For Multiple Showings

    View the house multiple times if you’re seriously considering buying it. Viewing a house more than once will give you a better understanding of the neighborhood and the lifestyle of the neighbors. Although it may appear like you are being difficult, you are actually just trying to get an A on your exam!

    1. Many Times Houses Sell Themselves

    There are no magic tricks real estate agents may use to make a client buy the house fast in Houston. House buyers typically choose a property based on their personal preferences and budget constraints. If you do a good job of showcasing your property, you can sell your house fast in Houston if you don’t use an agent.

    1. The Agent’s “Buyers Database” Is Obsolete

    Buyers don’t wait for real estate agent databases to learn about new listings. Buyers in the market are always shifting. They also perform research online. Any buyer in an agent’s database is either no longer in the market or you can contact them personally.

    1. Agents May Price Up/ Price Down Your House

    Real estate is competitive. To earn your sale, agents must compete with others. They know you’ll sign with them if they price up your house. After signing an exclusive contract, they lower your prices.

    Whereas, agent prices down your house’s value to buyers to increase interest. It alienates and wastes buyers’ time.

    1. Staging Do Matter

    Staging a property makes a difference so much that professionals specialize in it. Even if you’ve already moved out, it’s crucial to prepare your property so buyers can envision it. They may not like how you organize, yet it can inspire them and help you sell your house quickly in Houston.

    1. Last Minute Viewing Isn’t Always Bad

    House Buyers who wait until the last minute to schedule a viewing may be more impulsive and make a quick bid on your home than those who are more methodical in their approach.

    1. Passing Your Buyers To Other Properties

    The agent is attempting to sell other properties in addition to yours. If they have a potential buyer who is interested in your house but isn’t completely sold on it, they may steer them toward another listing where they have more confidence in making a sale.


    How quickly you want to sell your house is a major factor in hiring a real estate agent. Hiring a real estate agent to sell a house is the most classic and easiest way, but it has drawbacks. You must rely on your agent to find the right buyer, and a successful sale depends on the agency’s marketing skills. 

    The buyer may require time to arrange money, so it’s uncertain when the sale will close. You may not be able to recover the agent’s commission from the sale proceeds and have to be prepared to accept a lower price. Also, as mentioned above, there are many secrets that real estate agents don’t reveal to you while working with you. So, it is important to do your research before hiring a real estate agent to sell your house.

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