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    How are we different than a realtor?

    A real estate agent lists your property for sale to the general public. Finding a buyer can take months and in some cases longer than a year. There’s no guarantee a buyer will even be interested. Also, agents make a commission based on your sale price. We don’t take any money off the top, and upon the closing day, you receive the total amount immediately.

    Do I need to repair anything?

    No, you don’t. We will buy your house for cash in any condition. We start the repair process as soon as we close on the deal.

    What’s value of my house?

    We determine the value based on recently sold properties nearby, cost of repairs, and the current state of the house. Our offers are always fair and reasonable because Greater Houston Houses is here to help you.

    How fast can I sell my house?

    It can be as short as five business days. If your situation requires a longer process, we are absolutely willing to fit your timeline.

    What if I still owe money in taxes or mortgage?

    Greater Houston Houses and the title company work out any leftover payments. This includes mortgage, taxes, and HOA fees. The total we work out will be taken from the original cash offer.

    Do you really mean cash?

    Yes! We can offer cash because we are the end buyer. We’ve cut out the middlemen and work directly with you to exchange cash for homes in a timely manner.

    When do I collect my payment?

    On the day of closing – a direct wire will be sent to your bank account or you can receive a certified bank check.

    Do I Have To Attend The Closing?

    No. If you do, that’s great. If you live outside Houston and can’t make it, no worries. Whether you attend or not, you will receive cash for your house.

    When Would I Have To Move?

    We will set a closing date based on your schedule. As we are the end buyer we are very flexible on your moving out date. In some cases, we do a “leaseback” to the original seller allowing him to rent the home from us.

    How Do I Get Started?

    Here is absolutely no fee for reaching out. Contact us to set up an appointment.