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    Ant Problem? Why You Should Call Pest Control

    If you are dealing with an ant problem in your home or business, it can be tempting to resolve it yourself. However, attempting a DIY solution can cost you more time and money in the long run. Discover some of the most important reasons you should call pest control for an ant problem instead of taking care of it yourself.

    You Don’t See All of the Ants

    One of the most significant issues with trying to get rid of ants yourself is that you will likely only try to get rid of the ants you see. This is problematic because ants live in colonies, and there are probably many more than you see. Keep in mind that under 10% of a colony is usually outside of the nest at once. This means that at the least, you have to multiply the number of ants you see by 10, likely more.

    Worker Ants Are Replaceable

    Not only does the fact that you don’t see all of the ants give you an unrealistic idea of the situation, but it means that you just target the worker ants. This is problematic as ant colonies see worker ants as easy to replace. In other words, you aren’t actually reducing their numbers much.

    Not Focusing on the Nest Can Make Things Worse

    What happens if you do manage to kill enough worker ants to have an effect on the colony? You will find yourself with a worse problem in a few weeks. That is because the colony will focus on producing queens instead of workers. This will lead to even more ant colonies.

    Professionals Know This

    The fact that you can’t see all of the ants isn’t a problem for professional pest control, as they are well aware of this. They use methods that involve finding and taking care of the nest to resolve the issue.

    Simply put, the only way to get rid of ants is to target the entire colony. Most homeowners won’t know how to do that, but experts automatically do.

    Professionals Get to the Root of the Issue

    As mentioned, the big difference between hiring a professional and taking care of ants yourself is the fact that they will get to the root of the issue, the colony. Exterminators know where ants are most likely to have their nests, so they can check those areas.

    Exterminators also know what signs to look for that can indicate the presence of ants. This helps them spot potential infestations that you have not.

    There Are Several Ant Species

    It is also worth noting that not all ants are the same. There are many different species, and each requires a slightly different approach. They also have varying diets and habits. This means that you need to adjust your ant control method based on the type of ants you have.

    This is easier said than done as the average person cannot tell the difference between ant species. Ants are so tiny that it can be challenging to do so even with identifying information in front of you.

    By contrast, professionals are experienced and knowledgeable enough to quickly determine which species of ants you are dealing with. On top of that, they know which treatments and prevention methods work best for each species. This will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your ant control methods.

    They May Not Even Be Ants

    The average person isn’t great at identifying insects. While you may think you know what an ant looks like, you may be surprised to learn just how similar certain termites look to certain ants. This can lead to an uncontrolled termite infestation when you thought you were dealing with ants.

    It should go without saying that untreated termite infestations are bad news and can result in a lot of damage to your property. This is the case of any infestation that goes untreated. Essentially, if you fail to identify any insect as an ant, you will likely make your problem worse.

    Professionals let you avoid this issue as they can tell what insect is the problem right away.

    They Will Spot Other Issues As Well

    If ants are in your home, they likely found an easy source of food inside. Unfortunately, other insects or pests may have discovered the same thing. Pest control professionals will spot signs of other insects or pests that you may not notice yourself.

    This is important because the sooner you tackle any infestation, the sooner you can overcome it. As the infestation grows, it will become harder to control.

    Keep Yourself Safe

    Your health and that of others in your household is also an important reason to hire professionals. This comes down to the fact that they will know if chemicals are necessary to control the infestation. If they are necessary, they know how to use them safely. Homeowners tend to use chemicals sooner than necessary and not take proper safety measures.

    Of course, there is also the bonus that you will not have to put in much if any effort when you hire a professional. At most, you will have to do some light cleaning to discourage more ants. They’ll handle the rest.

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