How to Sell a House As-Is In Houston When It Needs Repairs?

Sell a House As-Is In Houston

What can you do when you need to sell your house quickly yet major repairs are either too pricey or too time-consuming? In this case, busy house sellers have a few choices, including selling as-is.

If you want to sell a property that needs repairs but you don’t want to fix them, there are a few things you should do.

  • Keep Your Listing Transparent

You must include “as-is” in your listing to let buyers know that you are not willing to invest time or money on repairs when selling a home.

Although the buyer may still request an inspection, they will know that they are responsible for any repairs they require. Keep in mind that if you are unwilling to make repairs, you will have to sell the property at a discounted price.

  • Perform Simple Upgrades

           If you want to sell your home fast, a few simple changes need to be done like professionally cleaning the carpets, replacing light bulbs and fittings, repainting different areas with neutral color shades, and waterproofing in bathrooms and the kitchen.

  • Make Home Improvements

Even when preparing to sell your house as-is in Houston, you may need to do a few home renovation projects. Priority tasks to complete include:

  • Treating mold or foundation concerns 
  • Improving the HVAC system
  • Updating the electrical panel
  • Replacing the roof
  • Addressing termite or mold issues
  • Fixing the plumbing system
  • Replacing the water heater. 

It’s critical to address issues that might slow down the sale of your house and are frequently deal-breakers for potential purchasers and/or their lenders.

  • Use Proper Marketing

When selling a house as-is in Houston, proper marketing is required to attract buyers and keep it from staying on the market for too long. When describing the property, highlight the nice aspects in the listing. 

The plot size, perfect location, good storage space, and new flooring may all be used as selling points. Pricing it right is also important, which requires examining nearby properties that have sold in the recent month or two. 

It gives an idea of what your property’s worth. The kind of repairs required should be considered, as this would lower the value.

Benefits Of Selling An As-Is House Fast In Houston

Let’s walk through the benefits of selling an as-is house fast in Houston

  1. Fewer Upfront Costs

The most common reason people consider selling a house as-is is that they lack the funds to make additional investments in the property. This saves money for house sellers who would otherwise have to pay for costly repairs out of pocket.

  1. As-Is Homes Get Placed More Quickly In The Market

           Selling an as-is house fast in Houston allows house owners to skip the long repair process and get their home on the market right away. This is especially useful for people who have inherited a home and don’t have time to fix it up in their busy schedules.

  1. When A Home Is Listed “As-Is,” It Weeds Out Less Serious Buyers

When a home is listed in as-is condition, it indicates to potential buyers that the owner is unwilling to negotiate. It speeds up the process for those who are serious about buying your home, and you won’t have to clear out for a showing for those who aren’t serious about buying an as-is house.

Sell Your House Without Repairs To Cash Home Buyers

If the idea of picking which repairs to prioritize, making those repairs, paying for the repairs, and then marketing a house  gives you a headache, consider this simpler and best option: Selling your house without repairs for cash to a cash buyer.

This is not only the quickest solution, but you will also save money and time by not having to pay out of pocket for repairs and upgrades. In fact, you won’t have to do anything to get your home ready for sale.

Greater Houston Houses specializes in buying homes in need of serious repairs for cash. You won’t have to market the house and won’t have to pay any fees or commissions.

Greater Houston Houses buys houses as-is, so there’s no need to repair anything! Get a quotation for a cash offer for your home by contacting us today. We’re here to answer your concerns and help you in selling your home fast and as-is!

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