Reasons Why It Is Better To Work with a Real Estate Investor than a Real Estate Agent in TX

sell your house fast in Houston

When it comes to selling a home, people usually consider working with real estate agents to sell their houses as that’s the traditional thing to do. Not everyone has helpful experiences working with real estate agents. No doubt, they’re experts and know their job well – but it doesn’t always translate to profit to the homeowner. If you’re sick of relisting or looking to escape the difficulties of the process, there are many reasons why you should consider a real estate investor to sell your house fast. We have listed just a few for you:

1.     Save time:

The deal saves your time and that is one of the major benefits to consider this option when you are looking to sell your house fast in Houston. The lack of agents, commissions, closing paperwork, and loans allows an investor to directly jump from one stage to another very quickly. Since investors don’t lack money, your investor and yourself need to walk away pleased by the deal, the closing process doesn’t consume much time. An investor can close the deal in a week

2.     Sell as is:

If your home is damaged, a real estate agent may not even want to work with you. If yes then they may want you to repair your house before they list and promote it. Investors will never want that from you. They aren’t concerned by the extent of the damage. Caving roofs, burst pipes, fire or mould damages aren’t any issues to real estate investors. They buy your home ‘as is’

3.     Skip the showings:

You don’t have to heavily spend to make your home look beautiful and clutter-free. Moreover no need for frequent walk-ins of prospective buyers and their bargains. Real estate investor promptly inspects your home in detail just in one visit

4.      Get paid in cash:

Real estate agents can get you people who are wanting to buy your home, but they can’t fund that buyer. Only a bank can do that. Many buyers don’t buy a home totally in cash. They need credit approval from a financial institution to buy your home. At times, a buyer might enter the sale procedure and be denied the loan. This will leave you upset and create a mess of starting the process all over again with a new buyer. Whereas, investors have their own money. They buy homes entirely in cash, and they never need loan approvals from banks. You can be sure of getting the offered amount while closing the deal. An all-cash purchase makes everything much easier

We at Greater Houston Houses are an investment company that provides you with all the above benefits. We’re a team of expert home investors that buy properties in Houston, Spring, the Woodlands, Katy, Cypress, Tomball, Bellaire, Missouri City, Sugarland and Stafford. We’ll be able to respond to you with a quick and great cash offer.

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