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    How to sell the house before foreclosure?

    sell the house before foreclosure

    When a borrower fails to make their mortgage payments, the lender or financial backer will take possession of and sell the home. This is known as foreclosure and often leads to selling the house before foreclosure. Foreclosure can also occur when the property owner is unable to pay property taxes or homeowners association fees.

    What exactly is Foreclosure?

    There are three key terms to understand when dealing with foreclosure:

    • Foreclosure: Foreclosure is a lawful process in which a bank or a mortgage investor reclaims a property that has been abandoned. 
    • Home in Foreclosure:A Home in Foreclosure refers to a property that is currently undergoing the foreclosure process. 
    • Foreclosed home or REO: On the other hand, a Foreclosed Home or REO property is a property that has already gone through the foreclosure process and is now owned by the lender or bank. These types of properties commonly referred to as real estate-owned (REO) properties go into foreclosure, and the lender will take control of it and attempt to sell it to recover the lost money from the mortgage default. 

    When a borrower takes out a mortgage, they provide the house as collateral, which allows the lender to foreclose on the property if the borrower defaults on the loan. If the mortgage is paid off, the lien on the title of the home is removed. Otherwise, the bank or lender will offer it for sale, resulting in foreclosure homes for sale.

    Homeowners often end up in foreclosure due to unexpected circumstances, such as losing a job, incurring unexpected expenses, experiencing a health emergency, sudden financial loss, or an increase in everyday expenses. 

    Process of Foreclosure : Three Stages of Foreclosure

    Foreclosure may sound like a scary word for homeowners, but there are three stages to the process, and not every home for sale goes through each one.

    1. Pre-foreclosure: 

    Pre-foreclosure is the first stage in the foreclosure process, during which the lending institution waits for a certain number of missed payments, typically ranging from two to four. Once enough payments have been missed, the lending institution sends a default notice to the property owner, which becomes a public record.

    Upon receiving the notice, the homeowner is given a specific period of time, as determined by the lending institution, to notify the lender that they have received the notice and potentially come up with an alternative solution, such as a payment plan. During this time, the homeowner may also gather the amount of money that is due and pay it, if he chooses to sell the house before foreclosure.

    2. Foreclosure: 

    The second stage is foreclosure, where the lender puts the home up for sale at an auction.  When a home reaches the foreclosure stage, the occupants may still be residing there or they may have already been evicted, depending on the policies of the foreclosed homes. In any case, the lender will auction the property to be sold, with the proceeds first being used to pay off the lender and any other expenses incurred by the property and its owners, such as taxes, service charges, and other fees. Any remaining funds will be given to the previous homeowner.

    Real-estate owned

    Once a home has gone through foreclosure and failed to sell at auction, it enters a stage known as “Real Estate Owned.” At this point, ownership of the property transfers to the lending institution. The institution will then work with a realtor to sell the property rather than trying to sell it on its own. These properties are then listed as foreclosed homes for sale.

    For purchasers, purchasing a foreclosure home can be an extraordinary method to get into homeownership, particularly for individuals who might not in any case have the option to manage the cost of a home. In any case, it is essential to know about the dangers related to buying a foreclosure home, including potential harm to the property and the additional administrative work required. Completing an intensive home examination can help purchasers stay away from any undesirable shocks.

    Sell your home before Foreclosure is Complete

    Foreclosure can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, both emotionally and legally. There are options to help you avoid foreclosure, such as selling the home before the foreclosure process is completed.

    One way to out of it is through selling a property, where the property is sold below market value and the difference between the sale proceeds and outstanding loan is forgiven by the lender. However, selling your home for cash at its actual value is also a viable option, and can help you avoid the negative consequences of foreclosure.

    Foreclosure is a difficult situation for both homeowners and lenders and selling your property before the entire process is finalized can provide relief for both parties.

    There might be questions arising in your mind: How you can sell your house fast to avoid foreclosure? Why selling for cash is the best option? Can cash home buyers offer a good price? How much time is involved in selling a home for cash?  

    If you default on your mortgage payments, the lender can repossess the property that was used as collateral for the loan. Foreclosure can result in the loss of your home and damage to your credit score. To avoid these consequences, many homeowners seek ways to sell their property before the foreclosure process is completed.

    Sell your home for cash faster

    Selling your house for cash can help you avoid foreclosure and leave you with the right amount of money for your property. That too in a very limited frame of time. There are two primary ways to sell your home before foreclosure: through a ‘’short deal’’ or by selling for cash. A ‘’short deal’’ may result in significant losses as it involves selling the property at a lower price than the market price. However, selling for cash can get you the full value of your property.

    To sell your house for cash, consider contacting reputable cash for home buyers. Taking proactive steps to sell your home before the foreclosure process is initiated can help you find a potential buyer who can offer a fair price. However, if you wait until the process has begun, selling your property can be a difficult process, and you might need to act quickly to avoid losing it to foreclosure.

    In conclusion, selling your house fast for cash is a viable option to avoid foreclosure. Even if the foreclosure process has already begun, you can still sell your home. However, this is a delicate process, as you will need to sell it before the bank repossesses it or sells it at a foreclosure auction.For the easiest and fastest way to sell the house before foreclosure for cash, Greater Houston Houses LLC is the best option to get a fair price for your property and relieve the stress of foreclosure. Contact us today for an offer!

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