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    In Houston, selling a home “as is” can net you more money than you anticipate.

    Selling a House As-Is in Houston Is More Profitable Than You Think

    Let’s dig in to know the truth about selling a house As-is in Houston:

    Selling a house in Houston its as-is condition means that you are selling the property in its present condition or state, given that there are no changes, repairs, repaints, or renovations done before the sale. The current faults and issues remain as they are and the house is sold just the way it is. The term “As-is” is used as it is the legal terminology and definition. Investors and cash buyers in Houston will include the terms in the paperwork. 

    Now there’s a misconception amongst sellers that this sale of the property in its current untouched state would not make as much money as they expect. They are constantly in a conundrum whether it’s viable to make renovations before selling, which would cost them more with the uncertainty of profits, or to sell the property as-is. Or will it backfire either way to go ahead? Here’s the deal.

    What they actually forget to do is to check and analyze whether if it is a seller’s market right now. And for the situation to sell a house online in Houston, now is the time to get away from investing in renovations.

    So far, 2021 has been a seller’s market. The pandemic has affected the housing industry and has made sellers dominate the market due to the scarcity of houses. There were 1.5 million homes for sale, according to the data by the National Association of Realtors, which is a 2.1% downfall from last year.

    Subsequently,  mortgage rates are seen to be plummeting at a point to reach historic numbers, which is driving investors and buyers to get a share in the market immediately. 

    Given this scenario, the sellers ultimately get the upper hand in the Houston market as of now.

    Experts suggest taking advantage of such an opportunity for those looking to sell houses for cash immediately. If there’s a time to sell a house as-is, it’s now. Buyers’ demands are high, and as soon as they get hold of the market the potentiality will fall economically. Online buyers have proliferated for farther reach and due to the pandemic, consequently, market profitability has increased traditional offline investors as well

    Let’s look into the reasons why profits are higher if you choose to sell your home as-is online or traditionally:

    1. It is an investment gold mine:

    As-is houses for sale are typically listed at lower selling prices, making the buyers believe that it is a fixer-upper, meaning there is a huge possibility of the return of investments. Investors want to buy, renovate and sell for a profit. Selling your house “as-is” right now will attract buyers for sure. To draw a better picture, renovation costs of a 2000 sq.ft. house could cost between $150-200,000. That’s a lot for you to save, and a lot more for investors to get a return in. Thereby, this makes your house a worthy investment for investors and cash buyers in Houston, especially with the kind of status quo right now.

    1. Save and get more:

    Selling a house in its current state will save you the cost of repairs, cut off a lot of time to make a sale, and make you a good amount of money. This option is the most feasible if you are in immediate need of some cash, or you want to get rid of a house that you don’t want to repair. Either way, you end up saving and making bucks. Make sure your contract distinctively and clearly states the conditions before selling to avoid future problems before sealing any deal.

    Even if you are a seller who just wants to get in the game and make money, dive in now.

    1. Hassle-free:

    There are situations where sellers are distressed and are not able to make a deal with the process it entails. There are incapacitated sellers and homeowners that need to get rid of their property. The reasons may lie in some serious illness, less-to-no knowledge of the market, or you just don’t want to fall into the real-estate tussle. But selling your house is still an issue. The “as-is” way of selling right now is the easiest option you can find right now.

    Investors, companies, and cash home buyers in Houston, Texas, have stamped their foothold online too, which has made the procedure way easier.

    If you sell a home online,  You just need to tell them your requirements, they’ll handle the rest. Propose your price, and watch the magic happen on its own. “As-is” buyers analyze your house, ready the paperwork, pay you upfront and handle all the legalities too. Just make sure you are awake enough to steer clear of fraudsters and choose a trustworthy buyer. Ask, offer, and sold!

    1. Need of the Hour:

    Homeowners might be in desperate need of cash, in financial distress, or in any emergency that requires them to sell their property in its “as-is” condition. This might be the most plausible option out of all. Investment companies have now made their operations faster which speeds up the process for distressed home sellers. You need not worry about the market condition or selling for a loss, as long as you know your value and you’re in need of immediate money, this might be the way to go.


    Sellers often eschew selling houses “as-is” with a fear of making a loss from the property among other reasons. That being said, the market conditions right now seem desirable. You can stop looking for trustworthy, reliable, and accessible house buyers in Houston. We at Greater Houston Houses, are cash home buyers in Houston, Texas, that consider client satisfaction and comfort as the most important aspect of our business. Let us walk you through the process for a better understanding and fast sale for cash.

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